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DPM Simović to pay working visit to Plužine

Published date: 04.07.2019 13:01 | Author: PR Service

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Milutin Simović and his associates will pay tomorrow a working visit to the municipality of Plužine.

DPM Simović and the representatives of the local government will visit the site of the water supply system construction Gornja Brezna. 

At the press conference in the ethno village "Montenegro", DPM Simović will present the results of the second public invitation for the Small Grants Programme within the project implemented by the Ministry and the World Bank and financed by the Global Environment Fund. The goal of this project is the preservation and valorisation of natural resources at the local level. 

DPM Simović will meet with the representatives of the local government headed by President of the Municipality Mijuško Bajagić, as well as with the representatives of the Sport Fishing Association Bajo Pivljanin, Nature Park Piva and Montenegrin Electric Enterprise (EPCG) regarding Lake Piva restocking and spawning. 

DPM Simović will visit Plužine-based agricultural company Seoce, which is the user of grant support within the IPARD like project.